Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2013 from Berlin...yes, still here and loving it. And hello from my desk to yours....I'm happily cozy and producative at Casa Schröderstraße in order to focus and gear up for a busy winter of writing and organizing. I've actually never used this Photo Booth app ...but here it is...not too much distortion. Anyway, evidence nonetheless that I am indeed, im meine haus. And I have to digress a bit -- my German is getting much much better...jeden tag I just keep fumbling my way through it....fearlessly!

SO, I'm starting the my second term as a Visiting Artist and Curator at Takt today -- moderating/leading the weekly critique sessions. I'm looking forward to getting into the thick of things again. We all met last week and I'm excited to work with this new group of artists. England, Austrailia, New Zealand, Canada and Italy are represented this time around and always such a diversity of work. I'm also thrilled to be working with Heather from the D.C. area who is helping run things at Takt as of this January. AND she'll also be volunteering at The Studio Visit. 

Berlin is cold and grey, but still invigorating. At least that's what I keep telling myself! More later....

Tom Bunnell at TSV Berlin

Tom Bunnell of Washington D.C. currently has works on paper at TSV Berlin. Some of his smaller monochromatic ink on paper hanging above my desk. 

Tom Bunnell is a fantastic artist and friend from Washington D.C. who I've known for more than 10 years. We met at American University when I started teaching there as an Adjunct and he was just finishing his MFA. He too also began teaching as an Adjunct at AU shortly after I did. He's so fantastic to critique with during the full faculty graduate student critiques at AU, so I invited him to moderate a couple of TSV's public art critiques in D.C. last year. He also recently was included in a painting show at Civilian Art Projects in Washington D.C.

He's a dedicated and passionate artist whose work has evolved so much over the years that I've known him and yet he remains steadfast and committed to formalist if not modernist strategies in his paintings. I'm happy to have his work as part of our Flat File at TSV.

If you want to see these gorgeous tempera and goache paint on paper, contact me! I don't have the space for very long so take advantage if you're in Berlin this holiday. 

Studio Visit with Fre Ilgen, Dec. 2, 2012.


I had a great studio visit with Dutch artist Fre Ilgen in his massive studio in Spandau yesterday. I can't wait to write all about it for TSV very soon. Check on www.thestudiovisit.com in about a month for his feature by yours truly.


Takt Residency 

I've been moderating the critiques at Takt International Artist Residency in Berlin for just over a month now and really loving it. The artists are from China, U.S.A, U.K, Scotland and Austrailia and more. Here are a couple shots taken by Antje Gorner the Director of Takt.

Berlin Studio

Pinch Me, 60cm x 60cm. Mix media on stretched mylar over canvas. 2012