New work space, finally.

Wisbeyerstrasse at the border of Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow.

The drawing I'm working on in the new work space.As of yesterday I happily installed myself in a new work space that a friend has so generously offered in exchange for artwork -- a new 'Artist in Residency' of sorts. I'm working on finishing up the last few pieces for my solo show in Orlando, FL this coming March, so the timing could not have been better. We are also planning on organizing educational workshops for adults and children as well as curating artist exhibits and talks for international and Berlin based mid-career artists. It's nice to be able to commute from time to time so I'm not only grateful for the opportunity to work in this space, but also for the impetus to get out of my kietz (small neighborhood in German) that I'm so comfortable in--and get out to be temporarily uncomfortable (but not really) -- I really do enjoy taking the S-Bahn, occasionally. Once this cold spell passes, I'll be joy riding it up on my bike!

Work in Progress

Sofia and Bella installing at Bergstrasse 16. Work in progress called "The Fort" least for now.

I've decided to give a it whirl for Sofia (age 8) and Bella (age 10) to be creative with this shop window on Bergstrasse and do whatever they want in regards to making art -- within certain limits of course. After seeing two emerging artists implement both very different works, they were both thrilled and inspired to try something of their own. But what? At first Fia just wanted to hang all her paintings (which I will do at some point). And Bella proposed to display an arrangement of her elaborate Lego creations.

But instead, I posed  to both of them this. What if you were to build a fort for all the world to see? They loved the idea immediately. It's something that most kids are so familiar with creating in the privacy of their own home. The only thing I provided were the materials and helping them reach where they couldn't and tie knots when needed. Both Fia and Bella were excited to use old sheets, blankets and wire laundry racks to begin building. Fia asked me, 'What if no one likes it?'. I told her not to worry about that. The role of the artist is not to worry about pleasing, but rather to convey an idea or emotion in a genuine way -- some will like it, and some will not.  She seemed fine with that answer for now, and perhaps as they continue to install the work and begin to really see it from the sidewalk over the next several days, they'll understand how the meaning of the fort has changed from simply going from a private space to a public one. Most importantly, it's a chance for them to basically go nuts exploring and being creative using fabric, color, light and things they're familiar with and then in the end, be able to share it with their friends.  

Snowing in Berlin

First snowfall today in Berlin. Look down the street and the window under the red building -- is 'the Window' I've been messing around with ;-). 


The Jewel Suite at the New York Palace. Deisgned by Martin Katz. Only 25K/night. 

It's finally snowing in Berlin today. My girls scootered off to school in wool sweaters (they never wear wool -- they find it itchy) while Jeff is bathed in near 100 degree heat in Nigeria. I'm perched at my desk black coffee at my side. The news is  always 'heartwarming'....the NYT chose to make Hollande's ridiculous affair the front page today. What a joke on so many levels.  In the meantime, I'm keeping up with the World Economic Forum happening this week in Davos that will address the growing inequality in our global feudalist state -- according to an Oxfam report as written in the Guardian, the 85 richest people in the world are as wealthy as the poorest half. It's certainly not a surprise but as wealth and power always go together, it is a concern. And right before this article I read this one in the NYT's featuring hotels offering uber luxury rooms for these very same 85 people at prices reaching $28,000/night!:

Tomorrow there will be some new surprises in the window. For now, I'm off to my first snowy run of the year. 

29 December 2013

It's been a week filled with family and travel here in Germany. We've been taking advantage of running around and relaxing with my sister Tina from London (seen below with moi), my cousin from the Hague and her family, and now my older sister Anna and husband Stefan from the US and Canada. I will soon be promoting the very cool window installation of Manuela Morales that is currently on view at The Window on Bergstrasse 16 here in Berlin through January 17. I am also organizing the next TSV critique at Takt Artist Residency to be held on January 11. In the meantime, let's continue to relax and enjoy the new year festivities with our loved ones. Happy New Year everyone!


Top: At the Rothaus in Berlin with Anna.

Below: With Tina at the Brandenburg Gate





Nelson Mandela passes

I have to express how deeply saddened I am by the passing of Nelson Mandela yesterday, December 5. He is one of the most significant leaders of human rights by forging the end of apartheid in South Africa. He will be remembered for his courage and perseverence forever. May he rest in peace.

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