TSV visits Ute Essig at Semjon Contemporary Art in Berlin

This just got posted: http://thestudiovisit.com

One of my favorite intimate spots for excellent art is at Semjon Contemporary in Mitte. My former neighbor, artist and colleague is featuring artist Ute Essig!

Studio Visit with Burlington College Students

I had a lovely visit with 9 undergraduate art students from the Burlington College in Vermont today. Led by Laura Di Piazza and Dana Heffern who is Chair of the Art Department there.

Open Studio scheduled for June 22, 2014 Sunday 11 - 5 p.m.

If you are in Berlin, I'm having an open studio with my colleague and studio mate Martina Nitsche from 11 a.m. - 5p.m. Come see what we're up to! Works in progress will be there to see as well as works from the recent past will be available for purchase. Location is: Baumbachstrasse 17, Berlin at the former Rowland Kutschera gallery. 


Stitching the Seam -- sneak peak.

Title wall and "Isang Araw".

View of "Katotohanan" and wall of "Mahal, Liebe" series.

View of "Isang Araw" and "Ito".

Mahal Liebe series of 21 works on paper. Sizes Variable. Approximately 10" x 10" and 12" x 10". Acrylic, graphite, hand sewn and machine sewn thread, photographs on various kinds of paper such as yupo, mylar, tracing paper and water color paper. All works are signed.

Contact Addison Ripley Fine art at: www.addisonripleyfineart.com for availability and pricing. 

OMA opening

Last night at the opening reception of "Stitching the Seam", photographed by Michael at the OMA. What an amazing experience this week has been being involved in a New Works Gallery at a wonderful musem with an amazing program and staff. I am so grateful to Azela Santana who has been working with me back and forth for two years. I also am grateful to E.Brady Robinson who, along with Azela, started the New Works program. This says so much about the OMA and their commitment to creating a diverse curatorial program that spans contemporary art, ethnography, classical painting and alternative and experimental work. I had the pleasure of meeting the new director of the museum as well who was so charismatic and generous with me. I am honored and am excited to present this new body of work that I made this past year and a half in Berlin, Germany. For me the work truly is a manifestation of an aesthetic I feel most connected to -- a freedom in the use of unframed paper and string, layered with mylar, cut, stitched, poked, taped and ripped. Using the whole wall as my canvas was liberating. It also is genuinely evokative of a state that conveys emotions as well as ideas where the line becomes thread, hair, mapping lines, train tracks that lead to and fro from the organic and fluid form of the Baybayin script applied and written with paint, graphite and photo collage. The exhibit is up through April 27.