Skin Codes Press Release

New Studio Visit Video!

Je Suis Charlie

Rambling sentiments: Sad and angry about the terrorist attack in Paris yesterday at Charlie Hebdo. Also angry about the anti-immigrat demonstrations occuring fervently throughout Germany...and one recently just held this past Monday in Berlin. Of course there were the counter demonstrations, however I feel the tension wherever I go. It's so volatile right now. Extremism has no place. There is no place for one violent act for another...hate for hate. This will get us nowhere. And what is going on in the U.S. after the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases to name just a equally unjust. We must keep working towards peace. I have a dream....I still have a dream! But these dreams cannot be fulfilled if we keep killing eachother and pointing the finger. It simply has to stop.

"The art takes the threat out...." from the NYT


Very honored to be part of this curated online exhibition called "Storm" a commemorative exhibition and action work organized by the Center for Art and Thought.

I have some of my older works that were 'inspired' by human tragedy and environmental disasters included as well as a recent work from the Orlando Museum of Art show. 


Check it out and thank you to the curators and staff at CAT!!