Sticking it to the Tiger Mom
Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 11:24AM
Isabel Manalo

I'm so psyched to see this growing movement in China as reported by Photo Booth in the New Yorker yesterday. The full article is here in the Feb. 3, 2014 issue, by Ian Johnson.

I'm tired of parents who just robotically push and stress out their children to be over achievers -- for what? To attend the 'right' schools, the 'right' universities? And then to end up in a career they are completely unhappy with not even addressing the damage it does to ones sense of self. As an artist, parent of two school age girls, I am realizing more and more everyday the importance of hands on creativity that has nothing to do with electronics (although I am a huge supporter of using electronics as well). Finding a balance in anything is key. Understanding what your school offers and lacks, then enhancing it at home is my approach. Although my kids' school is not so academically rigorous, it still is a traditional western, international school that, in the end, expects the kids to choose the college track and hence pedagocially is considered still 'academic'. I support this route for my kids, but writing as an Asian American, and commenting directly about the New Yorker article, it is refreshing to know about the Waldorf education and Steiner's philosophy as a growing movement in China. It's a cultural shift away from the Asian Tiger Mom approach, and that is a good trend in any country.


Image from the New Yorker reporting on the growing movement of Waldorf education in China.

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