Berlin Gallery Weekend 2013
Monday, April 29, 2013 at 10:24AM
Isabel Manalo

I had no idea what to expect for this weekend knowing only that it's a big deal with 50 galleries officially participating and 50 openings. That said there were hundreds of galleries that were not part of the main roster along with their opening receptions, dinners, brunches and after parties. My photos are just a small slice of the entire weekend. I went around with my favorite art pal Sofia, my 7 and 3/4 year old daughter. We went to events on Friday evening at the Checkpoint gallery area along with attending the opening at Isabella Bortolozzi gallery on Potsdamerstrasse. Thank goodness for hte efficient taxi service here in Germany....when they say arriving in 4 minutes, they actually are there in 3, so buzzing around from one neighborhood to the next with my almost 8 year old on a rainy Friday night made it much easier. 

This is a floor work at Carlier Gebauer by Michel Francois.

 Also at Carlier Gebauer is a show in the project room by artist Jessica Rankin she's titled Lacunae. The drawings are skillfully done and recall a meditative experience akin to viewing an Agnes Martin. Rankin is the partner of famed artist Julie Mehrtu who is represented by this gallery.

Oscar Murillo, young Colombian artist -- showed large scale expressionist mix media paintings and a video at Isabella Bortolozzi. Craft is definitely not his concern and in fact seemingly his subject (lack of it). It recalls the pieced together walls of slums and shanty towns found unfortunately still, in many developing countries. The rawness is refreshing but as an object-- not so rewarding although the material references seems to be obviously relevant to his oeuvre.

Sofia and her bestie Lottie at Isabella Bortolozzi posing in the narrow hallway where paintings were displayed on either side.

Behind Carlier Gebauer was a gallery we popped into on our way to Isabella Bortolozzi. These were paintings that were referencing film clips...brightly colored large and small represenational and somewhat painterly -- A look I've seen so many times...might even be yet another nod to Neo Rausch -- as so many artists seem to be working in the shadow of here in Berlin. And dare I say also Gerhard Richter. Who is one of my all time favorite painters....moving on.

This is a stunning piece at Eigen + Art on Augustr. by Carston Nicolai. Both Sofia and I loved this one. Go to the link to see the description of this piece...better yet, go see it in person if you can. Hint, there are magnets, microphone and pendulums. ;-) 

Machine paintings. Literally paintings done by a machine. The gallery has a catalogue of the artist with a contraption he created that looks like a traditional printing press. Sofia got a free fortune cookie from this gallery. Nuff said.

And here she is taking notes at the downstairs room. (my budding art writer).

We HAD to take a break with chocolate cake at the cafe of me Collector's Room before heading to Michael Fuchs, Eigen Projects and the rest of Augustr. 

KW Institute for Contemporary Art had it's space open, but no exhibit. There were hand written notes on the walls describing what that space used to be. This building is a former margarine factory. I like their program -- and always am glad to know there is a place that is dedicated to exhibiting work by artists who are more politically oriented. Check out their new website for future events, lectures, workshops etc.

I've befriended my favorite gallerist on our street Semjon of Semjon Contemporary Art on Schröderstrasse. Here he is in front of the paintings of Marc von der Hocht. Semjon has a great program and gallery space and is so welcoming to anyone who enters his doors. A major plus in my book.

Sofia grabbed my phone to delete some other photos of her and turned it back on me...taking a break at CWC gallery. 

And after all the hopping and viewing and commenting, Sofia still had it in her to do a jump shot for me. You'll be hearing more from me and Fia...

It was a fantastic weekend of art, friends and most notably, spending this time with my almost 8 year old who told me later that day how grateful she was for seeing all the art.

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