Opening June 15, Saturday!!


New Work 

I'm thoroghly excited about this new body of paintings. I finally have the right studio space to make a big fat mess which is how I work. It really was a rush of adrenaline making this work because of the joy of having this new space to truly do what I need to do. Here is the evite from Addison Ripley Fine Art. The exhibition is up through January 19, 2019 and there will be a talk sometime in January. STAY TUNED. 


.Stable. Fundraiser

Last night was the first ever fundraiser for Stable Arts. I had the pleasure and honor of being one of the partner organizations to speak on behalf of The Studio Visit. Here is what I said to the Visionary Cocktail Attendees and I wil say it now to anyone who supports artists in our society. Super excited to see Stable evolve. The energy of Linn Meyers, Tim Doud, Caitlin Teal Price and REbekah Pineda is unstoppable. Watch out D.C.!

From Feb. 3, 2018: 

Greetings Visionaries!

My name is Isabel Manalo. I am an artist, educator and artist advocate. On behalf of my organization called The Studio Visit, I am so honored and grateful to be here tonight -- standing in the space that will soon be the first ever hub for serious working artists and art organizations in Washington D.C. Congratulations to .Stable. Tim, Linn, Caitlin and Rebekah for this incredible achievement.

My first studio when I arrived in D.C. in 1999 was a memorable place. It was a funky old space run by renown artist Val Lewton in a building on K street across the from the old NPR offices. Some of you might remember it.

The space could be described as ‘hovel like’. No heat, no windows and a crumbling cement floor. I romanticize about that space now. Even tho’ it was minimalist - there was a sense of community among the 8 or so artists - who were diverse in discipline, age, gender, race, geography, class and so much more.

After a 3 year hiatus to Berlin -- a city that has no shortage of studio space and thriving art communities everywhere--  I am so excited to be back and involved with Stable. Their mission to promote both community and diversity -- is so important. We need to be identifying and supporting artists and art leaders of color, now more than ever.

You are all embarking on an important journey to support artists and art organizations who will not only be doing dynamic and collaborative projects, but really supporting the bigger picture of the importance of the role of the artist in our society. Stable will be a vibrant community for curators, teachers, gallerists, museum directors, collectors, and critics.

So we need people like you -- Visionaries. You are supporting art making in all its diversity, community and creativity at the highest level. The impact will be profound. Thank you.





At Takt Residency Berlin 2012 as a Visiting Artist and Curator